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Memories to Choke On, Drinks to Wash Them Down 夜香·鴛鴦·深水埗

Best Screenplay, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Vancouver International Film Festival
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
Hong Kong Independent Film Festival
Jeonju International Film Festival
New York Asian Film Festival
San Diego Asian Film Festival
Warsaw Five Flavours Asian Film Festival


Leung Ming-kai, Kate Reilly | 77min

Bittersweet stories of Hong Kongers contending with nostalgia and an uncertain future give way to a comical documentary

FORBIDDEN CITY - starring Leong Cheok-mei, Mia Mungil
Two immigrant Hong Kong women – one from mainland China, one from
Indonesia – live together in a little village. They battle wits on an epic journey to
the big city.

TOY STORIES - starring Zeno Koo, Lam Yiu-sing
Brothers return to their working-class neighborhood for one last hangout in their mother’s
toy store. With new responsibilities looming, they take refuge in behaving like children.

YUEN YEUNG - starring Gregory Wong, Kate Reilly
A local economics teacher and a "native English-speaking teacher" from the
States spend one school year crisscrossing Hong Kong. As they say goodbye,
they recall connecting and disconnecting over after-school snacks.

IT’S NOT GONNA BE FUN - featuring Jessica Lam Sin-tung
A young barista and music-video star puts aside her many interests to run for political
office. She fights both a pro-establishment incumbent and her own disdain for human

《出城記》主演:梁卓美、Mia Mungil


《鴛鴦》主演:王宗堯、Kate Reilly

《It's not gonna be fun》主⻆:林倩同
餵貓、拉花、企街站;最後,一位港女站起來,在深水埗為未來奮鬥參選區議會,挑戰建制,挑戰自己根本不愛deal with people的底線

Screening schedule

New York: Nov 28, 2022 6:30PM Quad Cinema


Made in Hong Kong Film Festival aims to provide an inclusive platform for filmmakers to showcase the films made in Hong Kong regardless of the topics and themes. Whether it is independent or commercial movies, topics deemed sensitive or prohibited in Hong Kong, we give these films a space on the screen for the local community to appreciate their dedicating work. Through the lens of Hong Kong, in hopes of shaping the identity and enhancing understanding of Hong Kong, we keep the legend of Hong Kong’s films rolling.





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