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on  2020 Census 

An estimate of 200,000 
Hong Kong people lived in the U.S. in 2010
0 Hongkonger was recorded on the last census report
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What is Census

What do they ask?

Why they need them?


Why it matters

What does that have to do with Hongkongers?

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Important dates

When will I receive all the information?

When I need to submit it?

Write in Hongkonger

How to fill in

What do I have to be aware of?

What do I write down?

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What is census


A census is a headcount of a group of people and a form of record keeping.

In the U.S., the Census happens every 10 years, which is mandated by the constitution (Article I, Sec 2). 

The information is collected to distribute over $675 billion in federal funds to states, counties, and cities nationwide. It is used by all levels of government, public and private organizations, affecting healthcare, housing, education, infrastructure, and other programs that address these needs. It is also used as reference to the redistribution of the seats in the House of Representatives.

Anyone residing in the U.S. is counted, including non-citizens like,

- International students

- H1B and OPT workers

- Undocumented immigrants

- Unsheltered/homeless

  • Name

  • Relationship 

  • Sex

  • Age

  • Date of birth

  • Hispanic origin

  • Race

Why it matters to us

 Why it matters to us? 

What is your race? (Mark one or more boxes)

This is how the census form looks like––"Hongkonger" is not an available option. 

Yet, you can check the "Other Asian" box and declare your origin or identity at the write-in box.

If we have the official number on record, the representation of our community would be strengthened and it will benefit: 

  • policymakers to make relevant decisions and proposals

  • Hong Kong-related congressional advocacy

  • the Hongkonger community to show our social significance to the U.S. society

Important dates

 Important Dates 

Households will begin receiving information by mail about how to complete the census.

​The information you put onto the questionnaire should reflect the household situation on this day.

Census takers will visit college dorms, senior centers, etc.

Census takers will visit households that haven’t responded.

March 12-20
April 1

(You can submit your census form once you get the instructions and your census ID!)

How to fill in the form??

 How To Fill in? 

You have the option to respond online, by phone, or by mail before Sep. 30.

Find out more about each method of responding below.


  • Take the census here:

  • It will take about 10 minutes to complete

  • You can respond online even if you received a paper questionnaire through the mail

  • Use your computer/phone/tablet to complete the survey online

  • Your progress CANNOT BE SAVED, please complete the census in ONE SITTING

Log-in using the 12-digit Census ID found in the materials mailed to you from the Census Bureau.
(If you do not receive an invitation to respond, you can still respond online. Below the ID field, click the link that says, "if you do not have a Census ID, click here.")

When you get to the "What is your race?" question, check the "Other Asian" box and fill in Hongkonger. You will have to answer this question for each individual in your household.

other asian.png

 By Phone 

By Phone
  • English hotline: (844) 330-2020

  • Cantonese hotline: (844) 398-2020

  • Mandarin hotline: (844) 391-2020

Phone lines are open every day from 7 am to 2 am Eastern Time.

 By Mail (paper) 

By Mail

If you receive a paper questionnaire, you still have the option to respond online or by phone. If you choose to fill in the paper questionnaire and submit by mail, please note the following:

  • Use blue or black ink, do not use a pencil

  • Return the completed questionnaire in the return envelope provided in the materials sent by the Census Bureau

  • If you lost your return envelope, please mail you completed questionnaire to:

U.S. Census Bureau

National Processing Center

100 Logistics Avenue

Jeffersonville, IN 47144

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