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Beyond the Dream 幻愛

The 26th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards
Best Actor - Lau Chun Him
Best Actress - Cecilia Choi
Film of Merit

The 12th Hong Kong Directors’ Guild Awards
Best New Performer - Lau Chun Him

The 3rd Kongest Film Awards
Best Actor - Lau Chun Him
Best Actress - Cecilia Choi


Kiwi Chow | 120min

Lok (Lau Chun Him) is a recovering schizophrenic who yearns for love. One day, he encounters the
young and beautiful Yan (Cecilia Choi) and quickly falls in love with her. Just when he struggles
whether to tell her about his illness, he has a relapse and becomes delusional. Little does he know
that she is a psychological counselor who has a hidden agenda. The pair develops a relationship
that is beyond their wildest dreams.

善良戇直的小學教師阿樂(劉俊謙 飾),是精神分裂症康復者,渴望愛情但從來不敢戀愛。他在街頭偶遇了清麗脫俗的欣欣(蔡思韵 飾),一見鍾情卻掙扎應否透露病情,不幸再次病發,被幻覺纏繞。他更發現她的真正身分,竟然是個攻於心計的心理輔導員?二人發展出一段懸疑曲折的禁戀,疑幻似真。

Screening schedule

New York: Dec 4 1:00PM Stuart Cinema


Made in Hong Kong Film Festival aims to provide an inclusive platform for filmmakers to showcase the films made in Hong Kong regardless of the topics and themes. Whether it is independent or commercial movies, topics deemed sensitive or prohibited in Hong Kong, we give these films a space on the screen for the local community to appreciate their dedicating work. Through the lens of Hong Kong, in hopes of shaping the identity and enhancing understanding of Hong Kong, we keep the legend of Hong Kong’s films rolling.





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